A Humble Start

I am a South Jersey Girl, born at Cooper Hospital, how that place has grown! I spent my first fifteen years growing up in Cherry Hill, aka Delaware Township. Cherry Hill was growing too! There was a slight detour as my family moved to Florida in my sophomore year of high school, Cherry Hill West, as it is called today. However I returned to my beloved Cherry Hill and of course found a job, at Clover. That job was just a stepping stone to my future. Next was RCA where I met and married my wonderful husband and that was truly the beginning!

He was Italian, 100%, and I was a mix, Scotch, Irish and German. His Momma was an amazing cook, my Mom was not. I loved to cook and eat, so this was a pretty sweet deal. I followed my mother-in-law’s every movement in the kitchen and I fell in love with food. She could take the simplest ingredients and turn them into a mouthwatering delight. Leftovers became an amazing gourmet meal. I am grateful for her patience, as she instructed me in family recipes and I grew into a pretty darn good cook. After she passed away my husband and I took over the kitchen, it had always been her domain.

Well it is Forty three years later. I am widowed, with two beautiful daughters, two wonderful sons and of course amazing grandchildren. My culinary skills have sharpened and expanded, with the internet and cooking shows. My favorite will always be Julia Child. She showed me in black and white the Art of French cooking. However now I have to worry about Gluten and Dairy.

My oldest daughter has an autoimmune disease and needs to be Gluten free. My youngest daughter suffers from dairy allergies so, no cheese or butter! Me, I am just getting old and need to watch my weight, my blood pressure, my sugar and of course my cholesterol, UGH! It has been a challenge that I have met head on and successfully I might add, even though my mother-in-law is shaking her head at some changes in those good old family recipes.

And so as I continue with my journey and this new adventure, I want to share some of the recipes I have tweeked to meet the needs of my family and maybe your family, too!


Snow in South Jersey Woodlands

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