Covered Parking

Well it was good to see the sunshine today. I did venture out and chuckled as went to my car, “ahhh” the beauty of covered parking! No snow to shovel, no snow to clean from my car, just hop in and drive away. For most of my life living here in South Jersey, I had a small structure attached to the house I was living in called a garage. It wasn’t very big, just large enough to hold a car comfortably, and it was a luxury. Funny though, it held everything but a car. In my childhood home there were gardening tools, a wheel barrow, brooms, paint as well as all the accessories for painting, a freezer, lawn chairs, snow shovels, bicycles, a variety of outdoor toys and an array of metal shelves that held various tools, along with other odds and ends. In the home where I raised my family the garage was about the same size. It too held everything but a car. It had a work bench with a peg board backing that held an assortment of tools, there was also metal shelving but it held the paint and painting accessories. Of course there were bikes, lawn chairs, gardening tools, a wheel barrow, brooms, snow shovels, a potters wheel, a kiln, and for a while, until I wanted a shed, my motorcycle. It was as if the car was “forbidden” to enter the garage. I look back, remembering how the car was restricted to the driveway and sat through the heat of summer and the cold of winter without a complaint. As for me I did a lot of complaining! Oh, this car is so hot, the seat is burning my butt. Or this car is so cold, I have to heat it up before I can get in. Then there was the snow that needed to be removed not only from the car but around the car. Not anymore, I have the beauty of covered parking. If you have a garage, what’s in it? I hope your car.

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