Spring Forward

Spring forward, Fall back; the phrase that helps us with the task of changing our clocks in the Spring and in the Fall. However I am reminded of a time forty years ago when my first baby girl was to be christened. My husband and baby were sleeping. I was stirring ready to get up, when I  heard a knock at our front door. Now I knew we were having the christening and a party after with about fifty people, but who was here so early. I woke my husband, jumped out of bed, slid into my slippers, threw my flannel robe on and proceeded to the door. When I peer out of the peep hole much to my surprise it was my neice and nephew, the “godparents.” I pulled the door open and bluntly said, “What are you doing here so early?” Their reply, “Its nine o’clock, you told us to be here at nine.” I distinctly remember looking at my clock when I heard the door and it read seven o’clock. Then it dawned on me daylight savings time did I “spring forward or fall back”! I turned to look at my husband at the top of the stairs with my mouth ready to spew the blame on him, of course. Instead I said, “Quick get ready and I’ll take care of the baby.” As I climbed up the stairs I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror that hung on the wall at the top of the stairs. My hair, the flannel robe, there was no getting me ready in time. I also had to finish preparing for fifty relatives that were coming to our home. How did this happen?

I stood at the top of the stairs, my beautiful baby dressed in her christening gown cradled in the arms of her daddy. He dressed in a three piece suit, hat and top coat, looking as handsome as ever. The memory of the two of us all dressed up to go dancing on a Friday night came to my mind. He would take me to the Rickshaw Inn, which was across the street from the Garden State Race Track, another favorite of ours. The Rickshaw had a small bar, some tables, a dance floor and an amazing three piece band. We would enjoy cocktails, some pickies and dance till the wee hours of morning. That was date night, that was before children, that was before that flannel robe! I gave them a kiss and they were off to the church. Me, I was cursing how many clocks we had!

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