La La

This morning, after my coffee, I thought about what I wanted for dinner. There was a chill in the air and I rummage in my pantry to see what was available. There I found lentils, French lentils to be exact, which I prefer. They are a little smaller then the lentils you find in the plastic bag at your local grocery store. They are a greenish black in color and contain more fiber and protein. I find them at Whole Foods and I buy just enough for a pot of soup. As I prepared the soup using my mother-in-law’s recipe, I was reminded of my brother-in-law. He would always seem to show up at our apartment around dinner time and what we were having, “lentil” soup. Of course he would go right to the kitchen, lift up the pot lid and say to my mother-in-law, “It doesn’t look like there is enough broth!” He loved lentil soup very brothy so he could put cubes of bread in the bottom of his bowl. The bread would soak up the broth and thicken the soup at the same time. As I made the lentil soup, memories of him came to mind. He was know by all the children as the “La La Man”. He would love to tease them, attempting to tickle them all the time saying, “Here comes the La La Man!” He would also hover around the kitchen while you were cooking, “taste testing” as he called it. He would eat all most a whole meal during these so called testings. Funny, how food can conjure up such wonderful memories, filling your heart and mind, as well as the stomach!


Ode to the La La Man!

4 thoughts on “La La

  1. Very nice memory of Ralphie. He WAS always in the kitchen. Once at Thanksgiving he told Mom there wasn’t enough pumpkin in the pumpkin pie.


  2. I remember Uncle Ralph coming at us with his hand in the shape of a hook, scrunched up face, and raised voice saying “lunga da dingy, la la la”. With the la la man in mind, I used to do this to my grand kids, to their delight, when they were young. Thanks for the memory!


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