Orange, Lemon, Chocolate?

The aroma of biscotti, S cookies or the infamous orange balls freshly baked would linger in the kitchen. The cookie jar stood patiently waiting to be filled with these treats. It was a sacrilege not to have a sweet ready and willing to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee. You never knew if company would drop by and Mom was always prepared. Of course my husband and I devoured these little delicious treats, which kept Mom busy! Now all most every Sunday we would spend together enjoying a delicious meal and most importantly being with family. We would often take the drive on Sunday morning to Drexel Hill and spend the day with my sister-in-law and her family. When we would arrive, coffee was ready and a plate of cookies would be sitting at the kitchen table. One Sunday when we arrived the kitchen table was set with coffee cups, napkins, spoons and a plate of cookies was the centerpiece. My mother-in-law took her usual seat and stared at the plate of cookies with a puzzled look on her face. She then looked up with a slight tilt to her head and said to her daughter, “What are these?” My sister-in-law answered proudly, “They are orange balls but, I made them chocolate instead!” A scowl came across my mother-in-law’s face as she shook her head in a “no” response. Then in a stern voice she said, ” We don”t make these chocolate, they are orange balls not chocolate balls!” My sister-in-law open her mouth to appeal, but thought better of it. She knew that her mother had strong opinions about how things should be and should stay. I never saw a chocolate orange ball again!


Great for breakfast! I have made them with lemon as well as dairy and gluten free.

2 thoughts on “Orange, Lemon, Chocolate?

  1. Pat. Love that story. I remember one Mothers Day you and Uncle Joe and the girls and aunt Roccie and Uncle Peter and Nonna came to our house for dinner. One of the dishes I served was Chicken Diven. Nonna looked at that and said ” We don’t make that kind of chicken”. So I was also told. Never made that again. Your story brings back so many wonderful memories. I truly miss those days.


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