Golden State

Well I put on my wings and with my dear friend took off to California. This is my favorite state after New Jersey. In fact they are quite similar. They both have a coast line with beautiful beaches, fresh seafood and locally grown vegetables. Casinos and wineries can be found in each state as well. Sharrott winery in Blue Anchor New Jersey has some very good wines, for those of you in doubt!!🍷.    At this time of year the climate is also quite similar with warm days that can have  a slight chill and cooler evenings. My dear friend’s son and wife live in a lovely home, centrally located in a town outside of San Fransico. It reminds me of the quaint Tuscan towns in Italy. There you can walk to your favorite cafe or restaurant, stroll through the shops in town, pick up groceries or play a game of bocce at the local bocce courts with of course, your picnic basket and wine. This can also be accomplished here in San Rafel. We are enjoying some of these simple pleasures! Ciao



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