What could be more perfect then a great beer on a beautiful spring afternoon. Yesterday I experienced not only an amazing beer but one of the most entertaining monologues on the beginning of the Lagunitas craft brewery. Now in my home state of New Jersey we have some amazing craft breweries; Flying Fish, River Horse, Keene and Cape May Brewery, just to name a few. The beers are great at these breweries, worth the visit. So you tour the facility and your taste buds are in overload waiting for that first sip of the “suds” as you patiently wait for the tour to end. Not at Lagunitas; they take you up to an eclectic room were you take a seat and are immediately served not one but five different  three ounce cups of their beer! As you sip and savor these amazing brews an entertaining “guide” begins to tell the humble tale of how the Lagunitas brewery began. You drink, laugh, drink and laugh even more as the story unfolds. After about an hour of beer and laughter your guide announces a bathroom break and “if” you would like you could join him for a tour of the brewery or make your way to the “tap room” and more Nectar of the Gods, for some of us that is! Loved it; beer first and foremost, isn’t that why your there!


Petaluma, California 

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