Yesterday was a beautiful day to enjoy the wine country of California. The weather was picture perfect, with green rolling hills, the sweet scent of flowers in bloom, tiny clusters of olives hanging delicately from tree branches and luscious wine nestled in the bottom of a glass. We traveled first to Napa which has grown from the busy village I remember in 2007, to a bustling town. A stop at the garden across from the acclaimed restaurant, The French Laundry, from which they harvest vegtables, herbs and gather eggs to prepare for the evening’s fare. How fresh and local can you get! Then to the Oxbow Market with a vast variety of eateries as well a variety of provayors selling spices, cheese, ice cream, pastries and many other goodies. Lunch was a delicious burger topped with local Point Reyes blue cheese and a Pinot Noir from Bishop Peak winery, at Gott, a local chain with consistently great food! Back in the car as we were off to Sonoma valley to visit two wineries, Jacuzzi and Cline, both which are favorites of my friend’s son and wife. Jacuzzi wines are produced in the Italian style and reminded me of the wines I drank in Tuscan villages with my husband when our daughter was married in Rome. The winery is built like an Italian villa with an open courtyard for tasting, relaxing and soaking in the gorgeous view.  Also on the premises is the Olive Press which carries an assortment of California olive oils and balsamic vinegars in many delicious flavors.  Our final stop was across the street to Cline. A beautiful setting surrounded with olive trees, flower gardens, ponds and beautiful lawns for picnicing. We sat in the shade of young olive trees and tasted delicious California white and red wines content to enjoy the beauty of life. Ciao



The French Laundry, Napa California

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