On Tap

A beautiful weekend and a chance to try some local brews; My first venture was to the Philadelphia Brewing Company in Fishtown, just a fifteen minute drive from my apartment in Cherry Hill. There I bought a case of their Commonwealth Traditional Cider for my oldest daughter and a six-pack of Joe’s Coffee Porter, both very good beverages. The cider is hard to find outside of Philadelphia. If you’re gluten-free, cider is a good option since drinking beer is out and this cider is great. The coffee porter is a delicious dark beer and I used it to braise a piece of pork belly. I use beer anyway, and thought that the chocolatey, coffee flavor would pair well with the pork. For those of you who have never had pork belly it is scrumptious, think bacon only fresh not cured or smoked. On Sunday I decided to venture out and found my way to Flying Fish Brewery in Somerdale, New Jersey. The brewery moved from their original location in Cherry Hill to Somerdale, into an old Sony building from the sixties, that pressed records. You remember those round, flat, black vinyl objects with grooves that you placed on a thing called a record player and magic happens, you heard music! So I took the tour that was offered and learn some very interesting facts about this local company. They are environmentally conscious using solar panels for light, recycled materials for their boxes and a water field to recycle water back into the environment. After the tour I went into the “Tap Room” and purchased a sample flight of beers that are hard to find outside of the brewery. The ESB Ale which is a draught only beer: Exit 16  Wild Rice Double IPA;    Exit 3 Blueberry Braggot, a Honey Ale brewed with Hammonton blueberries, availability is limited; and Exit 1 Oyster Stout, an English stout style beer brewed with oysters and my personal favorite. I plan on making another trip on Wednesday when they open barrel aged beer. Beer is aged in barrels that previously contained bourbon, red wine and even tequila which will give the beer a distinct flavor and goes quickly once it is opened. So for those of you who enjoy a “cold one” on a beautiful day you only have to go to Flying Fish to enjoy some great brews. Best of all it, is a South Jersey local!


Somerdale, New Jersey

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