Chicken ala Spring.

Before I was first married I was living with my sweet aunt and uncle. It was a wonderful time however, they lived in a small 3 bedroom rancher with 5 adults including me. When their daughter, decided to return home from Germany were she had been living and studying, I suddenly needed a new place to live. I began a diligent search for an apartment. There was no moving in together, my future husband was living with his mother and that was not an option my parents would have been happy with anyway. To the rescue came the La La man; he was living in a house as a widower and generously offered me lodgings until I could find a suitable place. Now he was an Italian whose wife had been an amazing cook and my future husband’s brother-in-law. You get the picture! At this point my culinary skills were not as honed as they are now but I was willing to sharpen them on him! Enter Chicken ala King; a good dish for a ladies luncheon as I was told by him but not for an Italian boy like my future husband. Oops, I thought it was delicious and it was. I found the recipe in one of the many, a gold book called Better Homes and Gardens, how could I go wrong! Well I am the proud owner of that cookbook, known as the “Gold Book” in our home. I have made many recipes including Chicken ala King but using fresh spring vegetables like asparagus or peas it became Chicken ala Spring! My husband loved it!

The famous gold book!

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