Say Wolf

On Thursday we took a leisurely ride to the wine country in the hills of Georgia. We sat outside overlooking lush mountain tops, a gentle breeze rolling through the outdoor veranda as we sipped a delicious white wine called “Pentitude”. Our waiter was charming and attentive as we surveyed the menu before making our final choices. Our appetizer was a trio of local Georgia cheeses, a cloth bound cheddar with a nice bite, Elberton blue which was sweet as well as mild and a Fortsonia which had characteristics of Gruyere all from Nature’s Harmony a local artisanal cheese producer.  Our entree was a salad of mixed greens with red  grapes, candied pecans, crumbled blue cheese and mine was topped with fried oysters, crisp sweet and delicate, accompanied by a delicious remoulade. Southern life at its best, drinking fine wine, eating good local food and enjoying the slow easy pace of life in the beautiful hills of Georgia with family.

    Dahlongea, Georgia

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