Under the Boardwalk

So as the summer approaches I am reminded of spending time on the beautiful beaches of South Jersey. My sister-in-law would rent an apartment in Ocean City, for the first part of the season. The apartment was spacious, walking distance to the beach, just a few blocks. Of course, as it was we would have Sunday dinners together, only now we were at the Jersey shore! We would arrive early so we could spend time on the beach together. Coffee was ready and waiting accompanied by fresh pastries from the local bakery. After our scrumptious snack we would all change into beach attire, gather our beach equipment, chairs, towels, blankets. umbrella and a bottle of Coopertone suntan lotion. No fancy sunscreens back then however, my husband, his sister and mother were all fair so protection was a must! We looked like a caravan as we walked to the beach juggling all our necessities and children in tow. When we arrived at the boardwalk we would climb the steps, cross the boards and then descend to the sandy side. Ah, the smell of the ocean and the crash of the waves would greet us, not beach tag guards, as the beach was free then to one and all. But then our caravan would take a sharp turn, looking left and right my sister-in-law would survey the shady places the boardwalk provided. Once she approved the perfect spot we set up so to speak, under the boardwalk; protected from the sun with the cool breeze of the ocean on our skin, a roar from the waves in our ears, the smell of salt and suntan lotion in our noses. Summertime at the Jersey Shore, you couldn’t ask for anything more!


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