Tall Ships 

Yesterday my dear friend and I embarked on a journey to the Delware River waterfront. It was a beautiful afternoon and we strolled leisurely along by the river admiring these massive works of art that sail from port to port. Each ship was distinctive, one had you dreaming of adventures on the high seas with Blackbeard and treasure chests brimming with gold and jewels. Another vessel had you with Sir Francis Drake off the east coast of Florida plundering and sacking Spanish cities for Queen Elizabeth I. Or maybe a trip to the Caribbean Islands, enjoying tropical breezes, pearly white sandy beaches and fruity rum drinks. Whatever adventure you may have in mind having these ships at our waterfront doorstep is what makes this area a great place to live. If you can please take a trip to the Camden/Philadelphia waterfront and see these magnificent ships and meet the amazing crew members who man these wonders of the sea. Oh! And don’t forget the 11 ton, 65 foot tall rubber ducky nestled near the Battleship New Jersey.


Delaware River, Camden Waterfront, New Jersey 

3 thoughts on “Tall Ships 

  1. The ships were truly amazing. The crew had adventures to share. Jim and I had a great time. A little drizzly Saturday morning but it was worth a little rain. Glad you had a wonderful time.


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