It’s the Little Things

For those of us who have lost loved ones, grief is like nothing you have ever felt. You feel the pain of your broken heart pounding in your chest. Your brain replays memory after memory and replays them again and again. They say that time is the best healer, but time just helps you as you become more tolerant of the pain. As I look out the window seeing the rain, I believe God is crying for me as this wave of sadness covers me like a dark blanket. I pull out a piece of paper roughly cut from an article  a magazine, AARP maybe, I’m not quite sure. It was an excerpt of a book , Unforgettable, written by NPR’s, Scott Simon.  The story is beautiful, based on the sweet relationship of a son and his mother up until her final days on this earth. You can read excerpts of his tweets. I was moved to tears however, uplifted at the same time. What struck me and why I saved this little piece of paper where these amazing words of wisdom. Simon sums up his mother’s wisdom like this; “Write thank you notes, Tip well, Sing, Drink responsibly. Remember that good manners cost nothing, and open doors. Reach out to help someone who is lonely. Make them laugh. Help people smile.” It’s the little things in life that help you through the toughest times and those words help me. Recalling the smile of my sweetheart, their laughter as they open a door, a favorite song on the radio, a toast over a fabulous meal, and being thankful for the love you shared. Thank you Scott Simon for sharing this heart warming story and these tidbits of wisdom from that beautiful woman you called Mom.


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