Eggs Blackstone

As you are aware I’m in love with food! Eggs are another one of my favorites, so versatile and a great source of protein. While on vacation in California with my sister and her husband, they took us to a restaurant in Sausalito for breakfast. It was there I was introduced to Eggs Blackstone. We have also enjoyed this scrumptious dish at a restaurant chain, Another Broken Egg, in Florida and Georgia. A type of Eggs Benedict using poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and an English muffin. However that is where the similarities end; eggs blackstone  incorporates crispy sliced bacon, ripe tomatoes and finely chopped scallion. I like to make a healthier version using a whole wheat or even a gluten-free muffin topped with a thick slice of Jersey tomato drizzled lightly with EVOO, then 2 slices of bacon with a perfectly poached egg place on top. No need for hollandaise;  the tomato with bacon and egg is a fresh clean taste that can be overwhelmed when drowned in hollandaise. Treat yourself on a lazy Sunday morning with a mimosa and my take on eggs blackstone. Ummm maybe they should be called eggs pattycake.


Cherry Hill, NJ

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