The Plot

The garden is looking good and I have a new respect for farmers. Our plot at the Barclay Farmstead is a part-time job. Weeding, fighting bugs, weeding some more, watering, making potions to control pests, more weeding, praying for rain, trap crops to control bugs, still more weeding and watering; Whew, are you as tired as I am? Seriously though we have enjoyed zucchini, zucchini flowers, shishito peppers, bell peppers and herbs. My trap crop of radishes are coming along and I am hopeful they will save the eggplant. Our bush beans look happy, even though we were late in planting. One crop now, one later and our hope is to have our fresh beans in the freezer. We are on pins and needles waiting for our first Jersey tomato. We planted beefsteak, an heirloom called Mr. Stripey, as well as two types of cherry tomatoes. My vote for the first tomato is Mr. Stripey. There are three, nice size that are just beginning to turn. More praying; All in all I have enjoyed this undertaking, learning a great deal and planning for next year.

Barclay Farmstead, Cherry Hill, NJ

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