Italian Grilled Cheese

I love cheese, all most every kind. Last week at the Collingswood Farmers Market I bought fresh made mozzarella. The vendor was Bricco, a coal fired pizza restaurant in Westmont. It was made on site, right there at the market; so fresh, creamy, salty and oh so delicious. I also had some Vermont cheddar, tomatoes and oregano fresh from the garden! So with fresh sliced Tuscan bread, I assembled a mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwich with an Italian flair. The original panini as it would be referred to today!  Two slices of bread; one covered in mozzarella, topped with fresh sliced tomato, a drizzle of EVOO, covered with finely diced oregano, a layer of cheddar, topped off with another slice of bread. All this placed in a non-stick skillet, the bottom of which is covered in melted butter! Place a weight on the top of the bread and grill on medium low until golden brown; flip and repeat. When golden, gooey and melted let rest on a plate a few minutes before cutting. Enjoy with a bottle of Circus Boy from Magic Hat brewery, yum!

Cherry Hill,NJ

4 thoughts on “Italian Grilled Cheese

  1. Looks delicious. Have you tried Burrata. Fresh mozzarella with cream in the middle. OMG. Try it with a fresh Jersey tomatoe salad. Mmmmmmmm,


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