Beer Adventure 

A beautiful day for a craft beer adventure; so off we went traveling first to Forgotten Boardwalk in Cherry Hill; located in the old Flying Fish facility on Onely Rd. There is a family friendly taproom with skeet ball for kids and plenty of room for beer tasting while enjoying a delectable snack.  In New Jersey you can drink amazing beer however, food must be brought in or ordered and delivered as we experienced at Third State brewery. Of course finding a beer that would meet the delicate palate of my dear friend was a challenge. However both breweries felt challenged to find a beer to her liking. At Third State we ordered a pizza from  Francesco’s across the street from the brewery. Oscar delivered to us a delicious pizza as we sipped our beer.  All the beers were amazing and local craft beer is like nothing else! However unless you are at Third State Brewery carry a bag of something salty and crunchy to enjoy with your amazing beer.

Half a flight and half a pizza!  Third State Brewery

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