Grits or Polenta

I enjoy creamy polenta with a sauce of fresh vegetables topped with freshly grated parmigiana! However I equally enjoy a bowl of shrimp and cheese grits, a southern staple. And then there is breakfast with a perfectly poached egg nestled on top of a pile of white corn grits covered in crispy bacon pieces. Stone ground corn whether it’s called polenta or grits, whether it is yellow or white, is a great alternative to pasta or rice. Research has shown that ground corn cooked as polenta or grits has probiotic properties that nurture good gut flora. Organic non GMO ground corn is the perfect replacement in a gluten free diet. My mother-in-law  didn’t cook polenta very often. She was more of a pasta girl making homemades on her pasta machine almost every Sunday for the gravy. Or if it was a holiday she would make ravioli by hand; roll the dough, fill the pockets made by the mold with a mixture of ricotta, eggs, cheese and parsley. Then she would cover the filled pockets with another sheet of dough and then cut them into perfect squares with a crimping wheel. I still have the forms and the cutting wheel but haven’t made ravioli since my husband’s death. Instead  I’ve become quite proficient in making a creamy polenta and topping it with a variety of vegetables. I think my mother-in-law would be pleased with my polenta and her influence on my cooking skills. Bono Apetito!

 Polenta with fresh Jersey produce!

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