The Poor House

Every Tuesday my dear friend and I have lunch. We frequent a place in Westmont with fresh oysters, good soups, great burgers and of course an amazing selection of craft beers. They have great specials which won’t put you in the “poor house.” On Tuesday we share the Pour House burger. A hefty size burger which comes with house made chips and a draft beer all for the modest sum of $10. The burger is perfection with onions carmelized in Guiness, topped with melted Vermont white cheddar all on a brioche bun! You can up grade your side to shoe string fries or if adding something healthy a vegetable. Our only complaint is they haven’t changed the vegetable in many months. Brussels sprouts are great however, a nice summer vegetable would have been a pleasant change. On Wednesday they offer oysters, at a buck -a-shuck. A nice selection of oysters from local waters as well as from the west coast. And of course every day they have beer specials.  If you want good food, great beer and terrific wait staff try the Pour House, a local gem. It won’t send you to the poor house!

Pour House Burger

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