Big Red

Happy Birthday to my sweet wonderful husband! To celebrate this day, I did what we would always do.  I was in the kitchen, kneading dough for bread, seasoning and then rolling beef into braciole that will slowly braise in tomatoes. The whole house smells like Sunday morning when both my husband and mother-in-law were alive. The memories of those days are sweet and as fresh as the bread baking in the oven. My mother-in-law in her apron bustling around our kitchen like the conductor of a symphony orchestra. Giving gentle orders to us, as I took mental notes of every detail of the meal. She was a true master in the kitchen and I feel privileged to have gained such knowledge from her. Then there is sweet Joey, who kept those sacred traditions alive after her passing. With his big, but gentle hands he would make foccia bread, delicate strands of pasta and a meatball so tender it would melt in your mouth. He cherished those family dinners with his children, their husbands, grandchildren and extended family. He was a man of little words however with a heart of gold. We often laugh, when we would ask a question, more for verification then an answer. His reply would be, “Think about it!” I can not stop thinking about my life with this beautiful man. A life fill with children, family, love and laughter; I have been truly blessed. I think about the priest who said to me on this day that being born and dying on the same day is going full circle. He had left no loose ends and fulfilled all his desires. I hope that is true for you Big Red. Happy Birthday my Love, you are my sweet angel. Watch over us all, we miss you!


The only thing missing is the glass of Chianti!

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