Reno’s Red Beans

Today was a day for a dish that is simple, warm, comforting and hearty. After running around to beat the rain and possible hurricane in the damp cool air, I thought of my brother-in-law Reno. He loved beans as did my husband however, their mother was not a fan. Pasta e fagioli was the only bean dish that I remember mom making. It was usually a remake of leftover pasta. Enter Reno’s Red Beans made with lots of onions, dice tomatoes and a pinch of hot pepper. Our introduction to this dish was at Christmas while Reno was visiting. He peeked in the pantry found two cans of red kidney beans, asked for three large onions, olive oil, a can of  tomatoes and red pepper flakes. In less then ten minutes he had a simmering pot of Reno’s Red Beans!  All you need to do is clean and chop the onions, place a pot on medium heat, add olive oil to the pot, then sauté the onions until soft. Next add the red pepper flakes, some salt, diced tomatoes and cook for about 5 minutes. In the meantime drain and rinse the beans; add to the onions, stir and simmer for about fifteen minutes. This dish is better if you let it sit for a bit and then reheat to eat. Add a thick slice of good Italian bread and you have a hearty meal fit for a king, as Reno would say!

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