Under the Lights

High School Football on a Friday night under the lights, a chill in the air and the vision of youth sitting in the stands. Fond memories of my high schools days as I sat with my dear friend watching her grandson and his teammates on the field at Princeton High. A pride of cheerleaders chanting, “Push Em Back, Push Em Back, Way Back!”  A cheer that rang oh so familiar in my ears as my mind drifted to football at Cherry Hill West and then to Dixie Hollins in Florida. I felt the passion of my youth, the excitement of the win and well the party after of course. For us now it was the pre-party that was most enjoyable. An establishment reminiscent of an Italian American club from the 1950’s; Conte’s located on Witherspoon Street in Princeton. They specialize in a thin crust pizza well done, homemade Italian sausage and meatballs. We devoured an amazing pizza half with pepperoni and sausage while my friend’s youngest grandson indulged in a pizza topped with roasted peppers, olives and sausage. Both were delicious and they had Peroni, an Italian beer on tap! It was a bit of heaven on earth! So now I have added another amazing pizza establishment to my list here in New Jersey. And I should mention that Conte’s was voted in Thrillist as one of the top 33 best pizza joints in the nation. I would have to agree!  Hey, Girlfriend do we need to go to Princeton?


                                        Pizza at Conte’s in Princeton, NJ

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