South Jersey Sourdough 

Oh! The aroma of fresh bread sneaking out from the closed oven door permeating the air. A tub of Irish butter waits patiently on the counter for its perfect partner. I listening for the buzz of the timer to alert me my masterpiece is perfectly baked. Sourdough bread made from a tenderly cultivated starter. For weeks I have played the part of a mad scientist nurturing and feeding my starter to perfection. My quest for this particular  bread is my love of bread and healthy eating. Sourdough bread is a cultured product that promotes a healthy gut, a probiotic. A combination of flour, water salt and starter combined with patience into a delicious, chewy, slightly sour    loaf, ready for butter after cooling for 30 minutes! Yum… 

If you are interested in baking this beauty check out King Arthur Flour website. It is worth the time and effort!



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