Christmas Tradition 

Looking back over the last 44 years I have enjoyed family and the traditions that have been passed down, evolved and shared. Naturally on Christmas Eve we will enjoy the Feast of the Seven Fishes or the The Vigil.  The meal is not limited to “7” seafood dishes and originated in Southern Italy. It is said that the number seven may represent the seven hills of Rome, the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, or the seven days that it took God to create the earth. Who knows!  Baccala is definitely found on most tables along with calamari, and smelts which are generally fried. Over the years we have tweeked our menu to include crab cakes, clams casino,  raw oysters, flounder florentine and of course a pasta dish. With  blended Italian families our baccala is a delicious salad, we enjoy the traditional cookies as well as a scrumptious ricotta cheesecake, sfingis and I can not forget the tomato pie made lovingly by the other Pat! Of course my beautiful grandchildren will have none of it. I’ll bake fresh rolls for their favorite, bread and butter! Dio Mio; as my mother-one-law would say! Me I made shortbread cookies to keep the Anglo-Saxon section alive.

I love how we have come together as one. Blessed from above with joy in our hearts, La Famiglia! I’m so grateful for the love that fills my heart and the blessings I have been so generously given. A Very Blessed Merry Christmas to all!

Shortbread cookies 


For my grandchildren!

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