Tickling the Ivories

This past weekend I was in Atlanta visiting my baby sister and her husband. She has started an annual tradition after the new year; a dinner party for her colleagues from Kennesaw State University.  It was a fabulous time with good food as well as the people attending. In fact what a small world as one of the gentlemen there was also from New Jersey and born as I, at Cooper Hospital. I adopted him as my “cuz”. We had a wonderful time enjoying local cheese, adult beverages and live music! One of my sister’s colleagues husband is an accomplished piano player and actually taught at the University of Georgia. Man could Fred tickle those ivories as George plucked the strings of his bass. We enjoyed hearing the great music that poured from the two as some of us tried to sing those beautiful lyrics. I’m not sure that a recording history is in our future however, the laughter we shared was worth millions. I want to thank my sister and brother-in-law for including me. As always it was an amazing visit. I love you both very much!


Symrna, Georgia

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