Ta ra ra

The beauty of age is the love of the moment! A week ago today we celebrate 85 years of an amazing man; a husband, a father, a teacher, a poet and most of all Grand Hon!  We ate, drank, laughed and cried celebrating our cherished moments together and the “Ta Ra Ra!” It all began the summer of 2002 in Cape May. A rented house, newlyweds, in-laws, sister, brother, significant others and the Ta Ra Ra. Our days were spent on the beach, soaking in the sun and splashing in the surf. Evenings were spent sipping exotic beverages, feasting on  dinner delights, competing in various games and toasting to the Ta Ra Ra! So what is the Ta Ra Ra? It begins with a glass filled with the beverage of your choice, a cleverly written poem from the heart and the theme from a Philadelphia scrapple jingle. After each stanza of the poem is read, a robust round of “Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay”is belted out as each participant jumps from their seat lifting a glass as they joyously sing. From that wondrous week we have continued to toast and Ta Ra every family gathering with poems of love from this man who we celebrated so fondly! So to you Gran Hon may we lift a glass and give you a Ta Ra for love you have shared with us in your poems that we hold fast.

   Halibut in Scotch Plains

Our delish celebratory dinner of grilled halibut over sauté spinach and garlic mash potatoes topped with a grape tomato bruschetta.

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