Grandchildren are the Angels of our old age! My angels are beautiful, full of love and fill my heart with joy. Sleepovers are those fabulous moments you share with them and you treasure. Laughing, kissing, hugging, then playing, cooking and movie watching with hot fresh popcorn curled up together on the couch. Trips to the playground, lunch at Wendy’s, and swimming in your Zio and Zia’s pool. However best of all are those nights when you hear the soft footsteps of tiny feet that find their way to your bed. A gentle touch on your shoulder as they whisper your name not knowing you are already awake smiling as you invite them in to snuggle.  They slip under the covers and kiss your cheek as their small warm body cuddles you with a wave of love. My dear friend talks so sweetly of the nights she holds her granddaughter in her arms and the comfort it brings. Grandparents who share those precious sleepover moments are in the hands of angels for we have been blessed with one of the greatest gifts, grandchildren!

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