As I look back it was forty-four years ago that I was engaged to a sweet, sweet man. We met working at RCA in Deptford where now there is a Sam’s club, Walmart as well as a variety of stores and restaurants. He worked in the parts division and I in computers. Back then the computer room was as big as a barn, cold as a refrigerator and reports were prints on yards and yards of paper. He appeared daily, inquiring about the whereabouts of one part or another, the location of which was buried deep in those yards and yards of printed reports. I was the keeper, decipher and corrector of those reports. We had several encounters hovering over reports, trying to locate parts and just discussing at times mutual interests. Then one day he asked me to meet him for a drink. It was local place called Cedars, dark quiet and frequented by many RCA employees. The food was good and the drinks cheap! Before long we joined the bowling team and started a card club with three other couples. Cards were played at alternate places, each host providing food and drinks. This particular Saturday night we hosted and my future mother-law was staying in Drexel Hill with her daughter. After everyone had gone and we had finished with the clean up; much to my surprise, I was offered a glass of champagne. Now I was a beer drinker, you know what that means!  As I lifted the glass to my lips to take a deep gulp of bubbly, Joe abruptly grabbed the glass and said ” Look in the glass before you guzzle it all at one time!” There lying in the bottom of the champagne glass was an engagement ring. And even sweeter,  it was the day of my parents wedding anniversary. My Joey was the sweetest! 

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