Happiness and Sorrow

As I write  this my heart is filled with happiness and sorrow. Happiness for a sweet, wonderful woman Rocchina, who is now with the love of her life  Peter, her brothers, sister, mother and father. Sorrow for me and her loved ones in our loss of this amazing woman.  Roccie was funny, elegant and talented. She could tell a  joke,  was always put together in her style and baked a mean Italian Cream Cake that was coveted by all!  As a little girl she took care of her baby brother, then as a wife and mother she raised five children while running a huge house in Drexel Hill. As time progressed and her family grew she would throw dinner parties for twenty plus. One holiday her wonderful sense of humor emerged as she placed a telephone next to her husband who was at one end of a long, long, long table and a telephone next to her, as she was at the other end. She then picked up the receiver saying “Hello, Hello, Pete are you there?” All the while she was orchestrating the serving of  an Italian five course meal!  For me marrying her baby brother, brought to me the meaning of a close-knit family and the traditions they held dear. I admired my sister -in-law and loved her deeply. She was thoughtful and kind. We spent a great deal of time together; weekends at the shore, dinners at each others home and chatting on the phone over a recipe. She was my go to for advice when my children were born and my cheerleader when I accomplished a dish from a treasured family recipe. Her children, their families and all those that loved Roccie are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless!


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