Wine and Horses

This past weekend was spent with friends on the Delaware Bay;  Gandys Beach to be exact. We were just sitting around chatting as well as discussing our menu for dinner; surf and turf, steak with fresh flounder accompanied by fresh roasted cauliflower and corn on the cob.  However  we had time and the internet in the palm of our hands.  A brief search using one of my favorite words “wine” we were off on a mini road trip.  A mere 12 miles away, was a horse farm and winery located in Millville.  We piled into the car, set the address in the Waze and we were off.  Our drive took us on the winding roads of Cumberland County, New Jersey.  Cumberland County is situated along the Delaware Bay with 40 miles of coastline. In the 19th century New Jersey was the 4th leading oyster producing state.  Port Norris was once know as the Oyster Capital of the world. Who Knew??  I knew Millville was the home of Wheaton Village Museum of American Glass however, Southwind Vineyard and Winery also call it home.

Located on a 100 acres of grape vines, walking trails and pastures it is a quiet, peaceful place where horses graze under the shade of old magnolia trees.  The tasting room is small with the feel of a vintage French bistro. We were warmly greeted and given what I call the “vino menu”.  We made our selections then sat in the comfort of numerous wine bottles with a bowl of pistachio nuts. Our wine tasting were arranged cleverly on an artist palette looking like various shade of red.  After we had sniffed, tasted and dissected our selections we each chose a glass of our favorite. The wines varied from a Chardonnay to a Port. I had an Outer Coastal Plains Cabernet made with all New Jersey grapes. One of my friends drank the Merlot and the other the Malbec made with Chilean grapes. My purchase to take back to the beach was Grape Kiss a slightly sweet effervescent wine that make a great cooler when mixed with club soda. I also highly recommend the Cheval Fort, also an Outer Coastal Plains wine, a port style that is amazing but, with a piece of dark chocolate incredible!

If your want an adventure travel to Millville and to Southwind Vineyard and Winery. It is a beautiful drive and a lovely quaint place to enjoy a glass of vino!




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