Bar-B-Que and Beer

As you know I love good food and awesome spirits.  While traveling through Southern California with my sister and her husband I recently enjoyed a delicious brisket and rib sandwich accompanied by a local beer. My first beer was Hangar 24, Betty IPA a deliciously smooth craft beer, brewed in Redlands, California.  Jeff at Zeke’s Smokehouse in Glendale, California then recommended the Hangar 24 Iconic IPA.  What a treat; a great beer with citrus notes, hoppy with a honey finish.  I’ve fallen in love with this craft brewer.  On another excursion to Rose City Pizza in Rosemead, California,  I enjoyed another Hangar 24 brew. Chocolate Bomber an American Style Porter, was a decant beer with hints of chocolate and vanilla, simply delicious.   I’m hoping on my return to New Jersey that I will be fortunate to find this craft brewer in my local liquor store! 

Hangar 24 Iconic IPA

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