Fermented Food and Drink

In anticipation of the opening of the 2017 Collingwood Farmer’s Market I would like to pass on my excitement about a new guest vendor; Inspired Brews.  Fermented foods like sourdough bread, sauerkraut, pickles, Korean kimchi and kombucha are the lasted craze for good gut health.  In my past life I have made my own sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and a sourdough starter for bread, however this beverage eluded me.   Kombucha is a fermented beverage I had heard a great deal about especially from Al Roker on the Today Show.  He frequently touted the immense benefits of this fermented beverage as he sipped from a “to go cup!”  I was lucky enough to join David Hodges for a visit to local brick and mortar fermentary in Philadelphia called Inspired Brews.  Run by a small group of amazing women this company brews  small batch kombucha using local fresh ingredients.  I was delighted to sample Philly Strawberries and Cream and Philly Rose Pomegranate.   I was hooked after the very first sip!  Luckily my local Whole Foods in Cherry Hill carries Inspired Brews on tap, so I am able to enjoy this heathy drink as well as try different brews.  If you are a fan of the market as I am give Inspired brews a try!


Inspired Brews, Historic Old City Philadelphia

One thought on “Fermented Food and Drink

  1. Stopping by to thank you for this post, Patricia, and to see if you get comments on your blog. I know, from having my own, that they’re rare, but I’m always hopeful that readers will engage with you .


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